Almost 50 years ago a cheese dairy and food importer in Glattbrugg ZH grew out of a longing for the local Italian cuisine. Nicolino Venditti lacked Italian cheese specialties such as mozzarella, ricotta or caciocavallo from Capracotta, Alto Molise region, and in general the homemade delicacies with which he grew up as a shepherd's son. Since there was no satisfactory offer in Zurich at the time, he decided to give up his job as a carpenter and to open a cheese dairy with his wife Antonia.

The popularity of his cheese grew very quickly, so that after just 1 year he moved from the small production facility on Talackerstrasse in Glattbrugg to Adlikon near Regensdorf to a single-family house with larger commercial premises. The house was later enlarged a lot and the largest mozzarella factory in Switzerland was built. At the end of the 1980s they were processing over 15 tons of milk a day. In order to better serve the clientele, consisting mainly of restaurateurs and grocers, they also imported groceries such as sausage products, cheese, pasta, canned goods, etc. from Italy.

Her son Walter, who trained as a cheese maker in Italy, also actively helped in the company. The younger son Peter helped out after school if possible in the office or on Fridays and Saturdays at the market stall at one of the weekly markets in Oerlikon ZH, Helvetiaplatz ZH, Lindenplatz ZH, Limmatplatz ZH or Baden AG.

Unfortunately, unfortunate circumstances led the Venditti family to sell the very successful cheese dairy including the food service at the end of the 80s. The dairy with new owners is still in Zurich today. Nicolino and Antonia Venditti did not want to give up their life's work completely and afterwards operated a sales vehicle on the weekly market Helvetiaplatz ZH (DI / FR) and Oerlikon ZH (MI / SA).

Marktwagen Venditti Mercedes

Since 2003 Peter Venditti has been running the business through his Venditti GmbH. Currently every Saturday in Oerlikon ZH. More and more often his children Massimo and Lara help out on Saturdays.

For several years we have also been an online shop for Italian delicacies from traditional producers with According to the motto, Feinkost von Venditti - From the weekly market to your doorstep.