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Caputo Nuvola (cloud) - Ideal for light doughs with an airy edge

The Nuvola from Caputo is a newer type 0 flour that was introduced in 2018. The Nuvola enables doughs with a high level of hydration (> 70%, i.e. 700ml water for 1kg flour), is very easy to digest and gives the pizza an airy edge, which is typical for the Neapolitan style pizza.

This flour comes from the research and development department of the Caputo mill. A careful selection of 100% natural raw materials without additives or preservatives, which ensure a voluminous and soft dough thanks to the high fermentation capacity of the grains.

Molino Caputo

Caputo produces the most popular flour for Italian Pizzaioli and pizza-loving mums! Since 1924 the flour has come from the traditional family mill of Antimo Caputo, in the middle of the bella Napoli.


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